Friday, June 22, 2012

People who looked at me just now might think i'm a lazy student

Just get back. My baju kurung drenched with  sweat.
Since early morning going there and there. Make photocopy for all books that i used for my references.
And have to wait around 30 minutes at the photocopy shop.
Then, print the assignment. Around 1 hour.
Running there and there around campus.

These past few weeks i have been so busy with tests and non-stop-assignments-though-i've been working-on-them-everyday .

Sometimes feel like screaming, crying , and do bungee jump?

Sometimes feel like wanna have a lot of free time just like those teenagers out there.

People who looked at me just now, might think i'm a lazy student and a procrastinator  . NO. I AM NOT.  ಠ_ಠ


Kindly refer to previous previoussss sentence :)

And i sacrificed my 1 week holiday during last gawai break . I did not go back to my hometown just because i wanna do all of my assignment while other students go back home.

hmm .So weird why all of those assignment still have not finished though i have been working on them since early semester. hmmm. because we have so many assessment and they are not as simple as u might think.

Non stop test this week. Still have Test 2 OPM tomorrow.
And final exam start on 28th. Means that next wednesday.

I have to use my time wisely. Be strong mentally, physically. Keep praying to HIM.

Thanks to my roommate who helps me in finding answer for my assignment. :)
and prepared sandwich for me while i am busy in front of my laptop.

                                                Alhamdulillah. RM15 printing cost.
                                                Submitted 15 minutes before due. :)
                              Actually i dont know that the due date is today before 12pm. 
                                     Kak tikah informed me the night before during HRM test. 
                                                  Luckily it already done 80% 
                       Lecturer ask for minimum 20 references. I give 20.just enough.haha.
                                                10 internet sources 10 library books.
                                                Tak larat dah. Mcm la xde keje lain .

                             Courses/ subjects for this semester. Do pray for my final exam. :)

 p/s : there is no shortcut to success.