Sunday, April 29, 2012

KL Hop On Hop Off and a memorable time with them

Assalamualaikum and hi . :)

For this entry, i'm gonna write type in English.
It's not that i forgot my own mother tongue, it's just that because i want my foreign friends read it.
ha ha.
So last Monday (23rd april ) everything ran smoothly.
I met with my virtual friends from Manila after 1 year we've been chatting, tweeting, commenting, hmmm...what else? aha... video call on ym :D

Actually we had been planning this since last year. I forgot in what month did she told me that she will visit Malaysia. I am quite shocked at that time, excited and happy. lol .

I prepared a special gift for my friends. Hew3~

For the first time i made a doodle video (i drew the doodle by myself ! big applause for me ! haha )
and Anisah + Lynsey, sorry if it's not that cute enough. LOL xD

I don't have much to say, i just wanna wish MILLION of thanks to Lynsey and her family, anisah, and not to forget, Laurene and her family. Thanks for the souvenirs.  My mom and me love the pastillas. hoho

       This is how pastillas looks like. Mixture of milk powder and sugar. :)

Lynsey's parents were sooo friendly and her brother keeps making me and Anisah laughing.
Here it is, some photos :D



So for this Mid sem break, i have lot of new experiences. :)
How me and Anisah survived  :)
It's gonna be an experience that will teach us to be independent. lol. xD
Btw anisah is quite good in silat  *a martial art* so i am not that afraid being with her since she can protect me. hahahahaha ~

                                                            In the HOHO bus :)

I suggested satay to Lynsey and beef rendang for Laurene :D

Gahhh. i'm having headache since i just arrived my campus at 9am today, i will update later. :))
And since we have thousandssssss of pictures snapped, i will upload them on Facebook. heu3~

Oh. Almost forgot . What is Hop on Hop Off (HOHO) bus?

Frankly speaking. i dont even know about the existence of this bus. HAHHAHAHHA.
I know HOHO bus from lynsey. sobs . how come Malaysian dont know about HOHO bus.

This is the bus. We ride this bus to tour around KL with RM12 only for Malaysian + Student Card.
And foreigner, only RM17 only with student card. haha . Luckily, Lynsey brought along her student card.For foreigner without student card RM38 :)
FOr more information, log on to

p/s : i cant wait to watch the video that Laurene recorder on the HOHO bus ! :DD


Laurene said...

Sorry my video is taking a while to edit! I'll definitely let you know as soon as it's up. :)

nursayidatina said...

I wanna have Philipinos to come here and take a walk with me too :)

Best giler kan Aya ? You should post the photos of you wore the korean attire. Sweet je :')

Lovely Peeda said...

malas kawan.huwaaa....jelesss...=(